The Love Theme in Casablanca: As Time Goes By — 5 Comments

  1. wOW! Although Casablanca has always been my favorite movie, and As Time Goes Bye, my favorite song, I never realized how ideally the background music, with its changes in mood, etc., plays with the emotions of the players. Thank you for your wonderful explanation. I shall from here on enjoy the movie even more, and shall listen for the nuances which eluded me in the past. The movie clips and explanations you provided are excellent, and have given me much more to look for in future viewings. Thanks again.

  2. Fascinating read. Thank you. ” As Time Goes By” is my very favourite piece of music, above them all. It Is beautiful. Whenever I hear it, it just always tugs at my heart. I just adore it. My two other favourites are “Moon River” and “With a Song in my Heart”.
    Ingrid Bergman was my very favourite actress. She was so beautiful, and she could ACT.

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  4. The song was written by Herman Hupfeld in 1931 and later used in the film Casablanca. Herman lived in Montclair, NJ!

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