BOOK REVIEW – John Williams’s Film Music, by Emilio Audissino — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Mark,

    Thanks fo calling my attention to this book.
    However, based on the preview on Amazon, there are very few sheet music examples in the book, and they probably do not go into detail concerning the accompanying harmonies of the various motives.
    Perhaps the only novelty is the identification of the “Wrath of God” motif in Raiders of the Lost Arc. Is its harmonization discussed, or is it only the melody transcribed?

    That is why I like your site, you are probably the only one who provides such a detailed analysis of a current film music motif, describing the melody, rhytm and harmonization.
    I would be glad to read such a book on John Williams, but the scope of the above mentioned book lies probably elsewhere.

    • Hello again, Karoly. You’re right that there aren’t many musical examples and discussion of harmony is minimal, but that’s because Audissino never claims this to be a musicological book. As he states in the introduction (p. 7),

      “There are many film composers who can be studied and appreciated for their fine musical achievements, and perhaps such studies can be undertaken more efficiently by musicologists.”

      Audissino is a film historian with musical training, though not a musicologist. So his points are argued from a historical perspective rather than a music-theoretical one. The scarcity of musical analyses of film music is one of the main reasons I started this blog and hope that others like yourself enjoy about it. Cheers.

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