Batman and The Simpsons: Sister Themes — 2 Comments

  1. interesting analysis. I don’t know if the themes were written in the same year though.. Batman being released early summer of 89 and simpsons theme 1990. COuld have been the same year or close to it. Never realized the over all structure was so similar.

    On a note, also, check out the theme from THE FLASH tv show by Elfman. ALso written in 1990.

    • Hi Adam. According to this LA Times article (, Matt Groening approached Elfman to write The Simpsons theme in 1989, so I have to think the ideas for the theme were percolating in that year even though the first episode to include the theme was episode 2 of season 1, which wasn’t aired until 1990 due to production delays.

      Thank you for pointing out The Flash theme. I was not aware of this one, but after hearing it, I can certainly hear similarities to Batman and The Simpsons. There seems to have been a kind of general shape Elfman had in mind for several themes at this time in his career. A good topic for another post!

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