Return of the Junkie: The Blog Awakens — 12 Comments

  1. Nice to hear from you again, I really missed your analysis, but family time is more important I unterstand that 🙂 I am glad to read your posts.

    Greetings from Germany!!

    • Love all those scores. Barry’s Bond scores I especially feel could use more discussion. While it was great to do six posts on them, there were so many I still had to leave out. Such good music!

    • Thanks, Ed. Yes, I have the first two of these and see he’s now completed a third book. I agree they are excellent analyses. Useful for both my blog and academic writing alike!

  2. Great you’re back. Funnily enough, I just watched Dunkirk at the weekend and had to think of your previous Zimmer reviews/analyses – maybe one for the future? 😉

    Oh, and congrats on the birth of your child! I gave birth to a daughter since we last wrote in one of the Zimmer posts, and my own blog was pretty much dormant for a year (between lecturing, teaching and being a mum, I still can’t devote the time to it I’d like, and she’s now 2.5), so I totally get your dilemma.

    Best wishes to you and your family.

  3. Out of all the wealth of information on the internet about orchestration, composing, and musical theory, I have to say that this site is one of my favorites. The in-depth analysis, insights, and techniques combined with examples has been something I really look forward to. I’m very glad you’ve returned to this platform and I look forward to future posts.

    Congratulations on the birth of your child and new position at Florida State.

  4. thank you for your brilliant pieces on SW’ music themes;
    I fell in love with classical music by endlessly re-listening and re-watching the Empire Strikes Back and am now an avid fan of classical music, with special interest in Wagner (leitmotifs), Bach (the things you can do with a single motif) and Beethoven.
    Although reading written music is not easy for me (I never learnt to play an instrument, sadly), the combination of your explanation and the clips shown, made me discover some new things about the music I love;
    Thank you!
    Hope you’ll cover The Last Jedi soon; I think I heard tons of references to the previous movies; John Williams has delivered another master piece with his latest Star Wars score.

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