Oscar Nominees 2015, Best Original Score (Part 2 of 6): Alexandre Desplat’s The Imitation Game — 2 Comments

  1. Not f minor, but mode in d on f(= f dorian mode). I’ve heard bitonal passages and expected analysis of instruments imitating morse code typing sound. On subtitle “secrets”, it’s relationship is tonika-gegen, if we analyze in classic style – or rather we can analyze it as a mode change[Db – F – Db – F], little like pop-jazz.

    • Hi Quaziliev – Yes, I would agree with F Dorian for the theme. I was using the term minor in a looser way to mean a scale that has a minor chord as its tonic. Since my analysis didn’t rely on distinguishing the exact mode, I didn’t get into that point, but it is more precise. It’s interesting to note how flexible the mode can be while keeping the tonic the same. Notice that, although the Dorian mode that is sounding when the main melody is sounding, the music just before it enters has Db-C in the bass, so is the true minor (or Aeolian) mode.

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