Citizen Kane Leitmotifs and Rachmaninoff’s Isle of the Dead — 5 Comments

  1. This is incredibly helpful. Does anyone know an online resource where I could find an electronic version of the prelude from CK? if so please write music @ jeremymage dot com . . . thanks!!!!!

  2. Just came across your focused analysis. You might already know this, but Herrmann himself stated that the “destiny” (power) motif to him was “a sort of variant on the ancient hymn ‘Dies Irae'”.

    However, regarding the use of the Rosebud motif I have always believed that it appears in the Susan scenes not because Susan was a positive influence (meeting her starts the downward spiral after all) but because of her snow globe that reminds him of his hermetically sealed childhood.

  3. Very useful, thanks! I especially appreciated grasping how the two motifs are worked together during the opening death scene. Also, I was able to get that the R motif on the flute here, is repeated, on the flute, when Kane meets Susan and then after she leaves.
    There is a brilliant essay on the score for CK written by the French Welles scholar, Francois Thomas. Unfortunately, I can’t locate it since I’m away from my CK library. But a netsearch should turn it up.

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